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Usa City is situated in the north of Oita Prefecture, connecting to the western peninsula of Kunisaki of the Seto Inner Sea. Due to this unique location of the city in the inner sea, Usa has been a prominent place since ancient times, and with Dazaifu (Fukuoka) as the gateway to East Asia, the Shrine of Hachiman where gods and Buddha gather was established. The geography of Usa is made up of vast grounds and seas which extends from valleys of various sizes in the Innai area to the center of Ajimu. The link between the land and sea sets up the valley background and the transformation of the landscape contributes to the natural beauty of Usa City. In addition, an original cultural history has been created through this richness in nature. Where the valleys are deep in the Innai area, stone bridges with long legs are constructed. In Ajimu where turtles are being eaten, there is also a culture where people decorate their houses with trowel paintings. Furthermore in Usa City where the sea and agricultural land are abundant, there are national-rated cultural heritages, such as the Usa Shrine and Usa Topography Hill (Prefecture Historical Museum).

Motorized bicycles

Rental Fee:200yen/hour 700yen/day, Rental Time: 8:30~17:00hrs, 3 bicycles available


  • Hachiman Parking, Available Lots(includin light vehicles)400・・400yen
  • Buses(20 Lots)・・・・1,500yen
  • Kurehashi Parking, Available Lots (Including light vehicles) 128・・400yen
  • Higashiiya no Taki, Available Lots (Including light vehicles) 60・・200yen,Buses(3 Lots)・・・・500yen
  • Motorcyle・・・・100yen

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